Pronounced like cyka blyat

Multipurpose BOT with unique image related features.

Bot is currently online and deployed. Contact the developer @theroyakash for an any query. Contact form is in the bottom.

Currently in Online

Team: @theroyakash @Debmalya Sur

Starting: August 12, 2020

Currently: Version 1 Online

Developer @theroyakash

See the documentation

See the documentation in pdf format in one place if you want


To summon the BOT call b.or . or B. then the command you want to perform. Below are the list of commands you can try.

Prefix: b. or B. or just the .


Invite сука блять BOT to your server.

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Before you start read this

What are image links and how to generate those?

General features and their usage

Check Bot status

Get a random Image of size

Get top headlines for this hour


Flip a Coin

Get details of music

Resizes a given image

uWu translator

Give a user gold

Signature features and their usage


Black and white