Pronounced like cyka blyat

Multipurpose BOT with unique image related features.

<aside> 👉🏽 Bot is currently online and deployed. Contact the developer @theroyakash for an any query. Contact form is in the bottom.


Currently in Online

Team: @theroyakash @Debmalya Sur

Starting: August 12, 2020

Currently: Version 1 Online

Developer @theroyakash

Developer @theroyakash

See the documentation

See the documentation in pdf format in one place if you want


To summon the BOT call b.or . or B. then the command you want to perform. Below are the list of commands you can try.

Prefix: b. or B. or just the .


Invite сука блять BOT to your server.

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Before you start read this

What are image links and how to generate those?

General features and their usage

Check Bot status

Get a random Image of size

Get top headlines for this hour


Flip a Coin

Get details of music

Resizes a given image

uWu translator

Give a user gold

Signature features and their usage


Black and white

This person doesn't exists

Translate into any language

Get a gif for anything

Neural Network Predictions

Blur an image

Detect Edges


Suggest Wines

Contact the developer

If you have any suggestions on what functions to add or if you found any bug in our code contact @theroyakash following the link or send an email here.